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DU 5500

Never experience a downtime just when the mission critical assignment is round the corner or a project is on a verge of completion. V-Guard DU 5500 is a high capacity 5500 VA powerhouse that extends support when it is needed the most. It has soft boot on, thermal protective feature with in-built threshold. That leaves you less worried about weather conditions. Unwrap the world of features which includes protection from mains low, mains high, thermal protection, deep discharge or over charge, over load or short circuit. V-Guard DU 5500 is the faster than any other inverter to charge the battery with power transfer from mains to inverter and inverter to mains being quicker. For uninterrupted operation cycles, whether you are looking to run a gaming studio or gearing up to install a series of turnkey workstations, V-Guard DU 5500 is the key to unstoppable awe!



  • Charging topology Boost mode
  • Soft start Provided
  • Sine Wave Output
  • High Frequency Design
  • Intelligent Audio / Visual Indication
  • Advance MOSFET based Power Stage with PWM output
  • SMPS Based Smart Charger
  • Five Stage Pulse Charging
  • Smart Overload & Short Circuit Protection
  • Space Saving Design
  • Backup time Depends up on connected Load
  • DSP Based Design
  • Static Change Over
  • Soft Start Facility
  • Generator Compatible
  • Intelligent Thermal Management
  • Battery Over Charge / Deep Discharge Protection
  • Selectable Mode Option
  • TDR (Time Delay Relay),especially for AC compressor based applications