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v guard inverter Smart 1500

Smart 1500

Here’s a product that is as smart as it could get. All you need is a smart phone and you can operate this stunning device smartly. Make use of the exclusive app that comes with the Smart 1500 and take over the control of your inverter by switching it on and off, controlling the performance levels and analysing the battery usage. No matter if you have to run high intensity appliances like iron boxes, toasters, grinders, hair dryers or coffee makers, the Smart 1500 holds it all. Then, when during summer times when you can expect longer power cuts, you can simply make use of the Turbo charge feature of this device and charge the battery very quickly. To add even more merit, you are able to operate your smart phone and shift the power to the inverter from the mains during emergency power fluctuations. Then comes the very special feature whereby you can turn on the Holiday Mode and save power along with maintaining the health of your battery even when you are not at home.